Lately I’ve been having trouble choosing weather-appropriate clothing. It’s either absolutely gorgeous outside, or raining. Or 55 degrees in the morning and then 30 degrees and snowing in the afternoon. Or it looks beautiful, but when you step outside you discover that the wind is frigid and it’s actually colder than a well digger’s ass.

So it’s been a jeans-and-flannel party lately, I’m sorry to report. 
The weather finally cooperated the other day, and I wore this for the first time. This is a thrift store bag sale purchase. I had to have it (even though the waist is way too big) because it looks like a waitress uniform. I performed a shoulderpadectomy, of course. I didn’t like how it buttoned all the way up to the neck, so I created a faux collar by leaving it unbuttoned, folding the material back, and stitching it in place. 

I cinched in the waist with a tooled leather belt, wore plastic bangles, and protected my legs from the cold with tall leather boots. 
Dress – thrifted
Belt – one of my husband’s old belts
Plastic bangles – 
Boots – Frye Campus boots (expensive and worth every penny)