Vogue publishes patterns via McCall Patterns, available through McCall’s web site. This is not very exciting, except for the fact that Vogue reprints vintage patterns and has a small selection of them available. Click here to visit the site, and remember that vintage sizing and modern sizing are different beasts.

I’m sorry I just said ‘for the fact’. I’m annoyed with myself right now for that one.

Usually the patterns run somewhere around $12 each, which is not bad for a brand-spanky-new vintage pattern.

However. THEY HAD A SALE! I capitalized on that.

I bought 3 patterns for under $4 each. I would have bought a few more, but I only wanted patterns that were classified as ‘easy.’ Because the sewing machine and I are not always simpatico. Having since examined the patterns, I have discovered that ‘easy’ in 1954 translates into ‘THIS HAS HOW MANY PIECES!? I HAVE TO SEW DARTS!!??!’ in 2012, but I shall persevere.

All 3 patterns are from the 50s – two from 1954 and one from 1957.

When I finish them, I’ll post outfit pics. Of course. I plan on sewing the dress that appears easiest first, and using a cheap fabric. Because I’ll probably screw it up, and really would hate to waste good fabric when if that happens.

Wish me luck. And bring me vodka.

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