I can feel it getting closer.


Sweet fancy Moses, it cannot get here fast enough. This winter wasn’t that bad until just a few weeks ago, when nearly 2 feet of snow was dumped on us overnight. Even with the milder winter, I still can’t wait for spring.

It’s finally warming up, all that snow is melting, and now is the time for planning – I am knee-deep in gardening and seed catalogs, and thinking about getting more chickens. (Psst! Don’t tell my husband about that last one.)

But what I really can’t wait for are the little things.

For sheets out on the line.

For ice to melt off the lakes.

GEESE! THE RETURN OF THE GEESE! This is my personal ‘Spring is finally here’ gauge. No geese = no spring.

Walking the dog without having to bundle up.

Letting my hair dry in the sun.

Hearing bird calls in the woods from birds that aren’t chickadees, owls, crows, and ravens.

Letting the duck and chicken out of their pen so they can eat actual grass for the first time in months.

Wearing dresses.

Wildflowers in May.

Opening all the windows and airing out the house.

For a short period of time, not stacking firewood. Bliss.



Maybe ‘raising’ a butterfly or two.

I would even just settle for rain instead of snow at this point.