If you watch The Vicar of Dibley, you’ll totally get the title of this post. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, watch the first few minutes of this.

We woke up on Wednesday morning to this. 

Around 14 inches of snow had fallen overnight, and had drifted in some places to over 2 feet. 
Welcome to the Northwoods. 
The duck coop door had been left open, but the ducky is nothing if not resourceful. All during the snowfall, she kept beating down a path to her water bowl. Priorities. 

The dog, who is afraid of water, loves snow. Bring it.

I got to stay inside the warm house, while the Mr had to go plow snow. 

A few more inches of snow fell during the day, and we’re supposed to get more today.

I just repeat this to myself: Find a happy place. Find a HAPPY place. FIND A HAPPY PLACE!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Great Snow of 2012”

  1. Wow! We've had only a couple light snow that disappeared the next day. Today we're having severe storms again in Missouri like earlier ths week.

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