1.) I really detest goat cheese. It tastes like freezer-burned wild grouse. Trust me on this.

2.) I also think black olives come from the right hand of the devil. Not good. Trust me on this. 
3.) Every time someone buys something made of glass from my Etsy shop, I worry. I quadruple wrap in bubble wrap and pack the box so tightly that when you shake the crap out of it you can’t hear any movement inside, and still I worry. 
4.) I’m a total homebody. Home home home. It’s where it’s at. 
5.) Number 4 is a result of being somewhat hermit…ish.  
6.) And while I’m on the ‘antisocial’ thing, lemme tell you: I have a glare. The Glare of the Firemonster. I give someone The Glare, and they usually understand that it means ‘BACK AWAY’. Yet some people just don’t get it. Yes, you, drunk old man in bar.  If I wanted to be touched by weird people I’d go hug my family members, ‘kay?
7.) I have no patience. Like whoa. Stop beating around the bush. Cut to the chase. Shit or get off the pot. That be me. 
8.) I don’t drive much. Me + vehicle = bad juju. 
9.) I have monkey toes. I pick things up off the floor with them, can cross them over one another, and can roll them underneath themselves. It’s very odd. 
10.) I have an unnatural attachment to polyester. You may or may not have noticed this from previous clothing-related posts on zee blog, but it’s true.

So there you have it, 10 things about moi. You may run screaming in the other direction now, if you like.