It seems to me that I have an awful lot of posts that center around being in the woods. Huh.

Anyway. My husband is helping to log off some land that was damaged by a tornado last spring. At the end of the day when the machinery is quiet and the chainsaws have been shut off, the deer come out of hiding to nibble on the fallen treetops. It was the promise of seeing deer that lured me out of my warm house to go stand around in the freezing cold.

That’s right. I have a Pepto-Bismol pink hardhat. Contain your jealousy.

It’s a big stump. 

See all those big lumps in the snow? Those are ripped up tree roots. Now that the fallen trees have been cleared away, new growth can come in. 

It’s an even bigger stump!

While this stump may not seem that large to some of you, it’s pretty damn big for this area. 

Before we left, I was able to get a few pictures of the moon. While I did see some deer, it was too dark to get any pictures.

And here’s the requisite creepy alone-in-the-woods moon shot!