I wanted to share a little something with you. Yes, you. In the front.

I am not a moron.

I graduated in the top quarter of my class in high school, can spell Czechoslovakia right the first time, and know the difference between your and you’re. 

That being said, I am a moron indeed when it comes to any sort of crafting and/or DIY-ing.

I was working on a small craft project and needed to spray paint something.

Only to grab a can of spray paint with a nozzle I’m unfamiliar with, and blast myself full in the face with spray paint. In the face. In the face. 

Oh yes. Right in the glasses. Lucky me.

So. If you ever spray yourself in the glasses with spray paint, dip a Q-tip in some nail polish remover. Lightly scrub the paint, and it will come right off.

Or, you could just not spray yourself in the face with spray paint at all, and go on to live a happy, healthy life.

Your choice.

2 thoughts on “I Am Special, I Am Special, I Am Special”

  1. Sorry you blasted your glasses (and face) with spray paint. I would think that the polish remover would somehow make the lenses foggy. No? Good to know. My only experience with glasses and polish remover was with my first pair. I spilled the remover on my glasses, on my nightstand. Eh, I'll clean that up in the morning my 9 year old self said. When I woke up the glasses were MELTED TO THE NIGHTSTAND! And I didn't get another pair for 3 years. Sad, but lesson learned. Rambled enough…enjoy your posts…have a great day!

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