January 25, 2012

Greyhound With Mint

Did you know that a vodka + grapefruit juice was called a greyhound? I had no clue. I thought it was just, you know, vodka and grapefruit.

And really, why is it called a greyhound? Grapefruit juice is tangy and bright. It should be called a Chihuahua or something. Anyway.

I made one with mint the other night. It were tastee.

Squish yourself some grapefruit juice. 

Throw a few leaves of fresh mint into the bottom of a glass. I grow my own mint, and the leaves are itty-bitty right now.

Mush the heck out of the mint to release the oils in the leaves. Add a shot or two (I won't judge) of vodka. 

Add the juice, through a sieve preferably. Stir gently...

And there you go. A greyhound. If you want an ice-cold greyhound sans mint leaves, mix the drink in a shaker with ice, and strain the mint out. If you're a pantywaist and grapefruit juice is too sour for you, add a teaspoon of superfine sugar.


  1. Looks yummy! Especially with the mint. The pic of the grapefruit made my mouth water. That sounds kind of pervy, but I meant it in the cleanest way possible!

  2. Emmaleena - Ha! Glad you liked the photo. In a non-pervy way.


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