One of the better benefits of working from home – no dress code. Pajamas, jeans, or all decked out; it’s all acceptable. This day’s outfit was a blouse and skirt, both made by Pendleton, both from very different eras.

Another benefit: coffee at noon, at my own kitchen table.

I even get to drink out of one of my own gigantic coffee cups. In which ‘one cup’ of coffee is actually more like two cups, but who’s counting? 

I get to wear fun shoes. And if my feet get tired, I can kick ’em off and no one will say anything. 

It was cold outside, so a wool skirt seemed like a good idea. 
I love me a polyester blouse. I am drawn to the polyester. The uglier the better. I happen to think this blouse is rather nice, actually. I really like the keyhole neckline, and the color. I usually don’t dress in blue, for some reason. 

Pendleton blouse – thrifted
Pendleton wool skirt – eBay
Evan Picone pumps –

One thought on “A Pendleton Sort of Day”

  1. I love what I can see of your kitchen in the photos. Your home must have a very cozy feeling. I should dress better for working at home, but instead mostly wear sweats.

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