Because ‘The Vintage Man’ sounds pretentious. Or like ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, only much less exciting.

Anyway. Now that November and all of its turkey-and-pie-gorging goodness is over, I thought I’d send a gift idea out into the void. Even though I’m incredibly anal-retentive in real life and have most of my Christmas shopping done already, I feel that I’m in the minority here and there are some of you that might need some more gift ideas. And run-on sentences.


My husband is not even remotely into vintage. He’s a jeans, tee shirt, and work boots kind of guy. He also has a beard that would put Grizzly Adams to shame, which brings me to the point of this post. He has hated shaving since the day I met him. It irritated his skin, the razors were ridiculously expensive, and it was just a whole lot easier to trim his beard with a trimmer than to shave.

Enter this.

A vintage double-edged safety razor. I tracked the elusive male to his cave (read: garage) and asked him why he preferred this razor. He says it cuts the hair better, and the razor blades seem sharper than those on modern razors. 
He found this razor in an old bucket in our garage, and for Christmas last year I got him the remaining accoutrements. The razors can also be purchased online if you don’t have a garage full of old crap  useful stuff like we do. 

Razor blades. Super affordable. Three boxes of blades (15 total) didn’t even cost $10.00. I bought these from, but you can still find them in a lot of drugstores. 

Shave soap, in its own handy dandy cup. This soap comes from Man Cave Soapworks on Etsy. The Colt .45 scent is amazing. By the way, shaving soap cakes last a very long time; so I spend a little extra and buy handmade.

A shaving brush and brush stand completed the shaving set. The brush he has now is not great, it’s a boar hair brush. The Mr likes it, even though badger hair brushes are supposedly much better. There are also vegan brushes available. You could use regular old shaving gel in a can instead of the soap cake and brush combo, but that sort of defeats the purpose. Brushing the soap onto the face lifts the hair from the skin, so it’s easier for the razor to cut it closely.

Other reasons why the Mr likes this method of shaving: it’s fun to use the brush, and it doesn’t irritate the skin nearly as badly as modern razors. He shaves much more often now than he ever used to, and the low cost of the whole process soothes his frugal nature.

So there you have it. If you are considering gifting someone with a safety razor, it’s a good idea to check out some shaving videos on youtube. There are several really informative videos on how old-fashioned shaving methods are superior to modern razors, and they give lots of how-to info and tips.

Have fun!