This is your life: Duck Version.

First things first, she gives me the hairy eyeball.

Then, a little sip of water. 

Then comes the big stretch. 

 And some more hairy eyeball. Like I’m going to jump in there and steal the water or something.

And the bath begins.  

The chicken was being magnanimous this morning, and decided to drink the water without chasing and/or pecking the duck out of the bowl first.

And now begins my favorite segment of the morning, Ducky Acrobatics. 

The rest of the day is spent sleeping, eating, and standing on one leg.

Oh! I almost forgot. This is the weirdest thing. The duck (and chicken) molted in September. There were so many feathers in the backyard it looked like a feather pillow had been ripped open. After her molt, the duck looks a little…different.

Last summer….and now. Yes, that’s the same duck. Weird, right? She’s the Duck of a Different Color.