Okay, so here’s the thing.

(Don’t you just love it when I start a post like we’re old friends in the middle of a conversation already? Oy vey.)

Anyway. I cannot do traditional victory rolls to save my life. Like these, as shown in a video by the lovely Twila Jean. (By the way, if you have no clue what victory rolls are, it’s a good idea to watch the video first, to get an idea of the basic style.)

Every time I do victory rolls like that, it looks like I’ve got horns growing out of my head.

So. I bring you victory rolls done my way. This will work on any length and thickness of hair, but it’s good for those of us with enough hair on our heads for three people. The trick here is that you use smaller sections of hair, creating smaller rolls that don’t look like gigantic doughnuts balanced on your head.

This is the finished result.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of the rest of the photos – they were taken in my bathroom, which has little natural light. I’m not jaundiced, just under artificial light.

For this style, you will need bobby pins and hairspray. That be it.

First things first! Part your hair on a left or right part, whichever side you prefer. The part should line up with the outer corner of your eye.

Then take a section of hair from the part going to the the corner of your other eye. This section should be about 2 inches thick. Note: If you have bangs, do not include them in this section of hair.

Wrap this section of hair around your first two fingers, tucking the ends underneath. Then slide your fingers out, keeping the hair rolled into a circle. Roll the hair down to your scalp as far as it will go. When you get to your scalp, turn the curl so you can see it from the front. Secure the roll with bobby pins and hairspray.

Now we do the other side. Take a section of hair from the tip of your ear up to the part. Do the exact same thing with it. Where you place this curl depends on personal preference. Instead of rolling it all the way down to my scalp, I like to place this curl higher on my head, near the first curl.

If you have bangs, now would be the time to do something with them. You can leave them down, curl them under, etc. I swoop mine across the top of my forehead, then pin them out of the way.

Now, you have the rest of your hair to do whatever you want with. You can curl it, braid it, roll it, whatever. I like to put mine in a bun.

Pull hair into a low ponytail, twist, and roll into a bun on the back of your head. If you have long, thick hair, here’s my recommendation. Take two roller pins (which are sort of like extra-large bobby pins) and secure the hair with these pins first. Because of their size, they act as anchors for the hair. If I do a bun with regular pins, it usually falls in a few hours from its own weight. With roller pins, it stays in place.

To secure the hair with roller pins, insert them at the bottom of the bun, going upward, crossing them in an X. Finish securing the rest of the hair with regular bobby pins, also crossed in Xs.

Ta-da! That’s that. It took me less than 10 minutes to do this style. Don’t worry if victory rolls seem daunting, they get easier and easier with practice.

Have fun!