This outfit is also known as The Librarian.

I talked about this blouse previously, here, when I held forth about the mysterious seam-in-the-front. The wonderful duffylou solved that mystery for me, and mentioned that she used to wear these blouses tucked into skirts.

I’m sorry I said ‘held forth.’ I use that phrase whenever I get the chance. It’s like ‘pontificating.’ Also a good one.

Anyway. With that as my inspiration, I give thee The Librarian.

I paired the blouse with a vintage gray wool Pendleton skirt, black socks, and my can’t-get-over-how-much-I-love-these-shoes Kenneth Cole pumps. 
I didn’t get a good close-up picture of how the collar of the blouse buttons up to the neck, but that’s okay. I’m sure I’ll be revisiting this one again in the future, and I’ll do a better job focusing on the collar then. In the future. Right. 

Black acrylic blouse – Goodwill
Pendleton skirt –
Black trouser socks – dollar store
Kenneth Cole Reaction pumps –