The Mr and I were at Goodwill a few weeks ago, and he spotted this…thingy. I have no idea what its original use was, but it’s a magnifying glass with two clamps attached to it, for working on tiny things. I imagine. Anyway, he cost $2.99. I soon stole him and called him Arnold.

Arnold is dejected. 

Arnold says TOUCHDOWN!!!

Arnie boogies on down. 

Arnold is aghast. 

Arnold has attitude. 
And Arnie takes a bow. 
$2.99 for endless entertainment? Yes, please. 

4 thoughts on “The Best $2.99 We’ve Ever Spent”

  1. "…so I don't think he'll get used for his intended purpose ever again."

    Unless he gets kidnapped by one of his admirers who just happens to work on circuitry. Then we're in trouble.

    Are you going to dress him up for pictures?

  2. Hee hee! I love these things. They're actually a lab-top tool for people who work on circuitry and other tiny work, like soldering small things, etc.. The clips hold the work and the magnifying glass bends down so you can see what you're doing. We have one and we call him "Mr. Grabbit." A friend of mine even made a little tiny animation with one. Aren't they cute?


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