The lovely Roo over at NiceGirlNotes is having a link party today, where you can link up to her post and show the whole ding-dong world what you keep in your handbag. I’m nosy and want to see everyone else’s bags, so I’m totally joining in on this. Here’s mine:

Not bad. Could have been so much worse, and has been worse on occasion. Like when I forget to clean out receipts for 6 months.

Here’s what’s in my bag, clockwise from the wallet:
1.) Wallet. Duh.
2.) Glasses case, in case I actually wear my sunglasses and need someplace to put my regular glasses.
3.) Zune. Am I the only person in the northern hemisphere that has a Zune instead of an iPod? Just curious.
4.) Flashlight. You know. In case.
5.) Change purse.
6.) Ibuprofen. ‘Cause I often gets The Headache when travelling.
7.) Pen my husband stole from a Ramada. And that I stole from him.
8.) e.l.f. liquid lipstick in Cherry Tart.
9.) Fingernail clippers. I don’t know why.
10.) A handy-dandy tool thingy from Cabelas. I usually use it to open packages in the car. But if I ever need to cut somebody, it would do the trick.
11.) Business cards.
12.) Feminine products.
13.) Sunglasses. From the dollar store.
14.) Kleenex. Because the sun makes me sneeze. That’s not a joke.
15.) Gum. Spearmint for me, and Juicy Fruit for my husband, because he’s a child.
16.) A mirror.
17.) And the lonely penny at the bottom of the bag.

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