The Mr and I went on a mini road trip last weekend to Michigan’s UP. I was on a mission to find things for the Etsy shop, and the Mr pretty much just wanted to get out of the house and poke around in antique stores.

Away we went!

A typical northern highway, where you can travel for miles and be the the only car in sight. 

Good tunes are a must. All together now: NEW YORK!!!

Amazing old building in Iron River. I took these horrendous photos from inside the car, so they don’t really do the place justice.  

This was in Crystal Falls. This street was crazy steep, but of course I forgot to take a good picture of that. A fully loaded log truck came down this hill while we were outside, and the engine was just screaming from trying to hold the truck back. That’s how steep it was.
We also went into an old, old hotel that was converted into an antique store. The rooms upstairs were tiny, and the hallways narrow. The whole place was in a rather alarming state of disrepair, but had the most amazing old wood floors. And did I remember to bring my camera inside to take pics? Of course not. Apparently I carry around a purse large enough to hold an infant just to give myself shoulder pain; it’s too much to ask to slip a tiny camera inside. 
I also don’t remember the name of the place. I’m pretty much useless at this. 

On the way home the most exciting thing we saw was a train.

All in all, it was a successful trip. I found some things for the shop, and we got to get out of the house for the majority of the day. And it was also an excuse to drink super-sweet-sugar-coma-inducing gas station hot chocolate. Not bad.