It’s October. Autumny. Fallish. I thought I’d do a post on a vintage blouse I bought at a thrift store a while back, as it has long sleeves and I haven’t been able to wear it this past summer.

I did my makeup and hair, put the blouse on, stepped outside to take photos, and walked into a sauna. Hi, October, when did you get so warm?

This is what happened during that crapstorm of a morning:

1.) I tried to take photos of a dark blouse. In the shade. That not worky so well. That, and the photos were horribly unflattering. I looked like something from The Goonies.

2.) Tried to find the camera tripod. That not worky so well. Finally found it after 10 minutes.

3.) Went to my second favorite place to take photos. The sun hadn’t reached that area yet either. Starting to get slightly pissy.

4.) Move to full sunlight. It’s roughly 475 degrees outside, and I was wearing a not-very-breathable silk shirt under an acrylic blouse. Help. Again, take 40 unflattering photos before finally getting 4 that look alright.

5.) Say to hell with it, and throw on a maxi skirt and tank top. Do a happy dance, and play with the dog.

6.) Start editing the photos from hell, and then this happens:

7.) I ate chocolate.

The post about the blouse in question will be up in a few days. I hope.