The trees are turning gorgeous colors here, a few weeks ahead of schedule. Overachievers.

These pics were taken while driving down the highway near the house. Relax, I was not the one driving, I was the one taking pictures. I can barely drive and work the windshield wipers at the same time, let alone take pictures.

But the best places to see the fall colors are….in the woods! So away we went. With the stinky hound dog, of course. 

This is Scout’s favorite way to sit in the truck.

The drive was pretty, and we spotted a bunch of wild cucumbers. My husband told me that he and his siblings used to throw them at each other. I said something along the lines of , “Hey, let’s not recreate that fond memory.”
The last thing I need is a spiny cucumber lodged in a delicate area. 
However. The mood was a bit ruined when we saw an eagle flying away from a dead rotting carcass of some variety. That stunk to high heaven. So we hefted the girthy dog back into the truck and drove deeper into the woods, then walked and walked and walked. 
And totally hit the jackpot. 

This is my favorite time of year. What’s yours?