I bought this 70s/80s (I am wonderful at dating vintage. Bah.) blouse at Goodwill sometime during the summer. Now that it’s October, it’s (supposedly) cool enough to wear it. Although if you read my last post concerning this blouse, you know that the day I took these photos it was over 70 degrees. Anyway. I digress. 
I love sheer fabrics, and I really liked the collar, so this shirt came home with me. 

But here’s the thing with this blouse. It has a seam in the front. And I know that some of you are thinking, ‘Then you have it on backwards, moron,’ but that is not the case. The shirt doesn’t fit correctly if I put it on the other direction.

Here’s the front of the blouse. 

Front again.

And you can see the tag in this one. 
I am totally weirded out by this shirt. Why is there a seam in the front? Who came up with this idea? Why is the seam in the front and the tag in the back? I go through a downward spiral every time I wear this thing. 
This fall/winter I’ll wear it a few times and see if I can get past the seam thing. If not, look for it in the Etsy shop!

3 thoughts on “Black Acrylic Blouse”

  1. Hi! I just had to comment on the blouse. It is from the '80s and the seam does go in front. When worn as designed, you'd button all of the buttons so the collar was like a turtleneck. I used to wear mine tucked in skirts. You are correct, they are crazy and that is probably the reason they crashed and burned in the '80s!

    You have cute stuff. I've lurked for a little while…

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