About three months ago I wanted to do something different with my hair. It had been long for so many years (and I’ve never dyed it) that I wanted something different. I thought about dyeing it, but decided against it. I embrace my grays, people.

So I cut my hair. In a moment of temporary insanity, I lopped a good 6 inches off. Why I thought this was a good idea, I will never know. I love having long hair. And I mean long hair. It was about 4 inches from my waist when I cut it.

My hair is still, by most standards, pretty darn long. It’s not like I gave myself a pixie cut. But I know long  hair. I am comfortable with long hair. This just-below-shoulder-length stuff is for the birds.

For quite some time, I didn’t do anything with my hair. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Case in point:

Yeah. I am one with the hair clips.

But I am starting to get back into the swing of things. This past week I have been a pincurlin’ fool. Normally I rag curl, but my hair tangles horribly. I thought I’d give pin curls another go. In these photos I used pin curls simply to curl my hair – I didn’t brush them out. The results were fan-freaking-tastic.

It was a slightly strange thing for me to have photos taken of my hair, as I generally hate having my picture taken at all. But then I realized in almost every shot I was looking back over my shoulder. Like a slasher was hot on my trail in a bad B movie.
So for your enjoyment, a hair-whipping shot:
Oh noes! He’s right behind me!

And the moment the chick running through the forest realizes she’s a goner:
Totally done for.

A few days after these photos were taken I pin curled my hair again, but brushed the curls out this time. Brushing them out gives you that soft, wavy look. Your hair, I mean, not you personally.

At some point I’ll throw up (oh my goodness. Not throw up as in ‘vomit’, but ‘throw up’ as in ‘post’. Learn English, woman!) a tutorial post on rag and pin curls, if anybody’s interested. If not, well then, I’ll do one anyway. It’s my blog and I’ll pin curl if I want to.

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  1. i would reaally love a tutorial on rag curls! your hair looks really nice shorter, it suits you. i've just done the same i used to have hair down to my bra line but have cut it all the way to just touching my shoulders really scary but am told it suits me so 🙂

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