The past few weeks have been crazy busy. Things are starting to go back to normal now, but my goodness, August has been a doozy. If August were a person, I’d tell her to ride her swaybacked nag outta here the same way she rode in. 
In the midst of all the crazy, I sometimes struggle with just slowing down and taking it all in. I want to do more, do it faster, do it better, wax on, wax off, rinse and repeat. Appreciating and enjoying the little things, for some reason, can be a difficult thing to master. 
However. I am pleased to say I am improving. The last few weeks I have found myself looking up. Literally, not figuratively.
All I can think of is that Jeff Foxworthy joke about the 14 year old looking at the sky and yelling “Airplane!” What? Don’t know that one? Well. Moving on.

When things get a little crazy, I just stop. I go outside, look around, breathe it all in, and try to be thankful for it all. 

The good…

The not so good…

And the sort of awesome. 
Have a ‘slow down’ photo on your blog or Facebook page you want to share? Link to it in the comments so we can all take a peeky. 

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  1. well hello there and nice to meet you! Thanks for coming to visit at the Ma Ingalls blog 🙂 Oh, I'd like to visit 1890 too, although I do love modern appliances. Your etsy store looks great, I need to explore here more… 😀

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