I cleared out the memory card on my camera. Here are some random photos from last week that just plain don’t fit into any other post. Be nice to them, they’re new here and a little awkward.

Lemons. For lemon cake! In a vintage Homer Laughlin dish.

Sangria made in my grandma’s old punch bowl. I’ll be seeing you again later.

That’s me! On my Alabama Chanin t-shirt chair. In my fitted one-seam skirt. (More on the chair at a later date.)

A Dutch baby. The kind you eat, not the kind that cries.

The purple peep-toe pumps that keep showing up in all these posts. They are Cathy Jean, but I got them on eBay. I do have other shoes, but am a little obsessed with these lately.

One of the Mister’s birthday presents. This house is no longer safe.

Fresh homemade pasta. The stuff of dreams, people, the stuff of dreams.

Me likey random photos. If you have any you would like to share, give the link in the comments for everyone to see.