The date I’ve set for opening my Etsy shop is in two weeks. I’m excited. And about to throw up a little.

I am down with the fact that this could blow up in my face. Shit happens, and you move on to other things. At the very least, it will have been a learning experience, and an awful lot of fun.

At first, I plan on selling a variety of items – clothing, housewares, antiques, and industrial items. As time goes by I’ll see what sort of items have the most sales, and I’ll focus on those areas.

Want a sneaky peek at a few things that will be for sale?

This is a ’70s Trench/Raincoat from Misty Harbor. Size 12 Petite, and made in the United States.

I love this thing. I would totally keep it, except that the fit is off. I am so not petite. If it were size 12 Linebacker, I would never part with it. And since I’m on the subject, why don’t they make coats like this anymore? Why can’t I pop into Kohl’s and buy something like this? It’s probably a good thing they don’t make ’em like this anymore, because I’d have a closet full of coats, but still.

This wooden crate was used to ship dynamite.

These are old whiskey bottles, corks intact. Estimating the age on these guys is a little difficult, but I’d put them at early 1900s.

There will be plenty of items to browse in the shop once it opens. There are some items that need a little “upcycling” or refurbishment before they can be listed. I’ll be slaving away over those items in the coming weeks, getting them ready for their Etsy debut.

So. Do me a solid and check out the shop once it opens in 2 weeks, and check back here for updates!