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October 31, 2014

Photo Friday: Red-Breasted Nuthatch

You kinda have to love a bird called a nuthatch. I spotted a bunch of them yesterday morning when I went outside to feed the chicken and duck. First I saw chickadees and  grabbed the camera, then saw that they were mixed with the nuthatches. 

It's nearly impossible for me to get pictures of chickadees because they move so fast, and nuthatches are just as bad. They're like 12 year-olds on a permanent sugar high.

So the picture isn't great, because it was taken in a hurry and I was moving too much and the bird was moving too much. But there it is, a nuthatch.

Have a good weekend! Mine will be spent trying to shake off the last of this cold, or whatever the heck it is that I have, but I digress.

Go forth and gorge on the Halloween candy.

October 29, 2014

Knitting: The Gathering Cowl

Things have been quiet around here the past few weeks, with me skipping the usual Monday post. It's been skipped because I just plain haven't been up to much. (Unless you want to hear about things like WHY IS IT SO COLD!? and OH CRAP I HAVEN'T THROWN ANY FIREWOOD IN.)

This week the blog and all my regular social media spots have been radio silent because I've been feeling like a bucket of poo. I got a UTI last week, and was prescribed a sulpha antibiotic. Sulfa, as in sulfur, which I believe refers to the sulfuric odor that permeates Satan's lair. It made me sick, so I was switched to a different antibiotic, and then caught a bit of a cold, and then all my glands were swollen, including my tonsils. 


Anyway. Knitting is the perfect Feeling Like a Bucket of Poo Pastime. (I should trademark that.)

This is a simple cowl (free on Ravelry) that I completely butchered. It looks nothing like it's supposed to because I went and changed nearly everything about the pattern, but I love it anyway. 

Pardon the thousand-yard stare. (See above: bucket of poo.) Also, why did I wear a black shirt with this when I know it sheds like crazy? Oy.

I didn't want a huge bulky cowl so I changed the pattern to make a less bulky, longer version.  

 My Ravelry notes are here.

I don't know about that picture either. 

This is one of those fast, easy knits. It's a simple stitch with bulky or super-bulky yarn on huge needles, so it flies by. I think this one took me less than three hours from start to finish. I finished it up while watching 'In and Out' with Kevin Kline. I love that movie. It stereotypes and is a bit schmaltzy at the end but I love it anyway. 

I'm still not feeling 100% but getting closer, so I have already moved on to another knitting project that is going to take me 6 years to finish. 

See you later for Photo Friday!

October 24, 2014

Photo Friday: Wild Turkey in the Fog

I accidentally typed 'Wild Turkey in the Dog.' That sounds like a bizarre fetish movie. 

Anyway, at 7 this morning I was laying, half comatose sitting on the couch reading a book when I heard the weirdest barking noise. Kind of like a bird, but not. Or maybe like a dying bird mixed with seal. After 10 minutes I couldn't take it anymore, I had to see what in the world makes this horrendous noise.

This gal.

I opened the front door and standing in the road was a hen turkey. She took off down the road towards the cemetery and I got a few pictures of her in the fog. 

By the way, if you have never seen a turkey run before, it is enchanting. Seeing a gigantic tom take off in flight looks like something defying the laws of nature, but running is enchanting.

At this point listening to animals make weird noises takes up approximately 20% of my life. 

If you're curious about the sound that girl was making, watch this video. Then picture it coming from a bird twenty feet from your head. 

Have a good weekend!

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