April 26, 2016

This Month's Books - April 2016

So...I haven't been reading much lately, but I think I've redeemed myself this month. (Not really. I read some real crap this month.) Without further ado, here we go!

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. 

I would like to start out by saying that I will slog through just about any book, and I mean that. It has to be truly terrible for me to stop reading. This book, with its 4-star ratings, is so awful that I could not finish it. 

If you would like to read a sickeningly sweet book that hits all the cliches, then this is for you. 
- Young girl that has to go live with charming older Southern lady? Check. 
- African American cook that is old, cranky, wise, the best cook In All The Lands and just loooooooovvvvvveees working for the charming Southern lady? Check. 
- All the problems they face aren't really problems (they're going to demolish an old crap-heap of a house! Oh no!) and they get solved with absolutely no effort whatsoever? Check. 

Urgh. Moving on. 

Perhaps because of all that sweetness, I read the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I own all three, have read them multiple times, and they're great.

That is all. 

Eidolon by Grace Draven. This is the sequel to Radiance. 

Have you forgotten about Radiance? The book that I have mentioned here and here and then I mentioned the author again here? Well, this is the sequel, and it is good. 

In a nutshell, Prince Brishen's horrible (and man, I do mean horrible) mother unleashed demons into the world, and they done went and killed nearly everybody. So three kingdoms that are on the verge of war have to band together to drive them back where they came from.

For a better summary than that, check out the Goodreads page. The reviewers there have excellent GIF usage skills. 

Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen. 

Okay. This is another one of those glowing-reviews type of books that left me sitting there like...huh?

A girl gets kidnapped and taken under a mountain to a hidden troll (yes, troll) city where she must marry the troll prince (yes, troll prince) to fulfill a prophecy that will free the trolls. Because they were cursed and trapped, that's why they live under a crumbling mountain. 

None of this sounds bad to me. Trolls? Mountains? Some Tremors-esque worm things that prevent anyone from leaving the troll city? Sign me up. 

This book was like the literary equivalent of a belch. A lot of reviews complain about the length, say it's too long. I don't agree, I think the length is fine. It's just...a belch. A big gaseous ball of nothing.

I didn't like the main character (I just had to look up her name, that's how much I thought of her) Cecile. She's just...meh. The troll prince Tristan (of course that's his name) is no better. Just.........meh. 

The real problems I had were odd uses of modern language (when the troll king tells you to man-up, it's a little weird) and some stuff that was just too predictable. 

- A love triangle! Gag me!
- The prince treats her like crap but deep down inside of course he loves her! Ew!
- Half of the trolls are hideous and deformed, but not Tristan! He's so handsome! OF COURSE HE IS.
- She's forced to marry a troll and live under a mountain and is oddly okay with it! WHAT!?
- Of course she's not a normal girl, no, she has hitherto unknown witchy powers! BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE DOES.

This book is part of a trilogy (BECAUSE WHY WOULDN'T IT BE) and I truly have no desire to buy the next book. That is how indifferent I was to this frigging book by the time I finished.

Ho, I really don't care if you break that curse. 
Well, that rant was longer than I expected it to be. But I really did not care for that book. If you couldn't tell. 

I will stop shaking my head over that damn book now. 

See you later!

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April 21, 2016

Where Am I Ever Going to Wear That, or, Closet Cleaning

While I'm pretty good about getting rid of excess stuff, be it clothing or housewares, for some reason I have a blind spot when it comes to dresses. *They're so pretty.*  When I realized that I'm hanging onto a dress that I wore one time, in 2011, I knew I had to go through everything. 

Round One - These are okay. The top 2 are favorites, and the bottom left is one that I haven't had a chance to wear yet. The bottom right, however, is one that I made a few years ago. It still has the same problems it had then, gaping and puckering, so it must go.  

Also, how white are my legs. Oh my lord. I need self-tanner, stat.

 Okay, this round, not so good. The top two are keepers. The bottom two...girl. 

The bottom left is a vintage '50s dress that...makes me look like a tablecloth. I've also had it for (I just looked up the receipt on Etsy and omg, Beth, really!?) 4 years and have never worn it. Bye-bye it goes. 

The bottom right makes me look like a Hawaiian souvenir. I did wear this (once) to a high school graduation party. Seeing as that kid is now completing his third year at college...it's time to go.

Round 3. I love the top left. Keeping it, absolutely. The top right...what. I just bought this at Kohl's last fall and am left wondering why. The fit is horrible. It clings in all the worst possible places. Why. Whhhhyyyy. Someone take my wallet away. 

Bottom left...is horribly static-y. Which is why I've worn it once...in the 5 (FIVE) years I've had it. This is ridiculous. 

Bottom right is one that I like and wear fairly often in the summer, so it stays. 

Some dresses aren't pictured - the ones I wear around the house, and ones that I've already featured here on the blog. 

There's the green flight attendant (keeping), the roll of Lifesavers dress (keeping), this weird 60s one (keeping), the blue peplum (keeping) and this blue and white printed dress, also keeping, and the brown polka dot dress, not keeping. 

This was the aftermath of all this. 6 are being donated, and 2 are going in the trash because they are either stained or falling apart.

(I am keeping my flapper costume. You can pry this out of my cold, dead fingers. Screw that, bury me in it.)

I thought I'd get rid of 2 or 3 dresses, so 8 is like...overachieving.

That I can get rid of 8 and still have a whole bunch left over is also overachieving. 

I'm going to go hide my wallet. See you later!

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April 19, 2016

2.14 Miles

Okay, so I took these pictures exactly a month ago. Hence the snow. I try not to put up hiking pictures too often, but hey, it's what I do lately. While out a few days ago, on Saturday, I ended up with two wood ticks on me. I am appalled and sad. April is too damn early to have to worry about ticks, but alas. It's that time of year again. (Insert cry face emoji.) 

Aside from that, we are doing a tiny bit of work on the house (I painted the damned living room ceiling again yesterday, insert rage face emoji) and that's about it. Having your house on the market is boring, as it turns out. There's not much redecorating/remodeling left to do, and it's hard to plan any getaways when that money is earmarked for moving expenses. 

In lieu of having any fun whatsoever (okay, exaggeration) we are hanging close to home and just walking miles and miles over these woods.

See you later!

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April 15, 2016

Vacation Dreams - Old Campers and Dogs

At least once a year (okay, more like five, but who's counting?) I get the urge to discuss, plan, and irritate my husband with talk of vacation. We haven't been on one in years, and it's driving me crazy. While I can't actually go anywhere right now, I can still plan. On something. 

Like, for instance, buying an old camper and renovating it. So cool. 

That's Ellen Pompeo's camper. Yowza. That is roughly 972% larger than anything I would ever want to tackle, but it's gorgeous.  

The color scheme is a bit dark for me, but still fantastic. 

Why I love the idea of buying an old, moldy tin can on wheels and then gutting it, I will never understand.  

Another idea I've been loving is taking your dog camping. 

Now, ok, my dog is turning 8 years old next month and I don't think I could get her to go hiking, much less camping. Not even if I promised her a rib roast afterwards. 

Also, there is an instagram account called Camping With Dogs. I'm not telling you to go check it out or anything, but if you perish from cuteness, don't blame me. 

Have a good weekend!

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April 12, 2016

Tearing Things Down and Fixing Things Up

(I don't know why we fix things upward. Fix 'up.' Where does that even come from?) Anyway. The weather was gorgeous, then it was cold, and now it's heading into proper springiness. We're like farmers over here, everything depends on the weather. But the warm weather means the usual slew of projects around the house and yard.

We (not me) are fixing some spots on the living room ceiling where the drywall tape bubbled up. This means I will have to paint the ceiling at some point in the near future. Woe to me. 

The yard clean-up was mostly completed last fall when we listed the house for sale, but there are still a few things that need to be dealt with. I'll probably paint the chicken coop again, and there's still a tiny pile of firewood that needs to be burned in the fire pit. 

But the old chicken coop, the first tarpaper shack chicken coop, is now gone. While it wasn't in horrible shape, squirrels had built a nest inside it, and it was starting to look really bad. We (not me) took the windows off, peeled the tarpaper off, and...

While the roof was disposed of properly, the rest of it was cut into chunks and burned over the course of a week or so. 

Next up will be re-mulching the flower beds, and of course, painting the damn ceiling in the living room.

See you later!

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